How to survive Motherhood Like A Pro

Reclaim your identity!

You’re more than “mami, mom, momma, mommy” Not to mention, more than a wife, sister, friend, boss, don’t forget your uniqueness!
Do you ever feel like motherhood is an extreme sport? Well, that’s because it absolutely is! It’s exhausting! This means you need to be conditioning year round! Not lifting heavy weights or anything, but your mind, body and soul need to be on point! On the days you are questioning yourself, just remember.. you were made to be to be a mother! It’s okay if you struggle to stay positive, it’s okay to miss your old self. It’s okay if you’re exhausted. It’s also okay that you’re not perfect. You are exactly who your kid(s) need. Sometimes we just need to be reminded of how powerful we truly are even when we feel completely defeated. This is where you text your “mom-friend” and share victories. Then you plan a date to go out a month from now and cancel when the time comes because you just don’t have the energy. Sound familiar?

This year I’ve learned to be more intentional and have made more efforts to actually show up and not cancel. I have to appreciate my small tribe. “Mom friends” are essential, but so difficult to find.

My mission is to build a community of like-minded women to empower and inspire each other in the midst of chaos. Constantly speaking life into my kids, my marriage and encouraging my friends around me has been my main focus but has left little energy for me to love ME.

This empowering community will be concentrated on womanhood with a focus on self-care and healthy everyday routines and occasional meals. The purpose is to come together and share ideas of ways to build a better family life in which align with your values.

The goal is to help women achieve a life full of joy, balance and success while reclaiming your identity in the midst of motherhood. Manifest your dream life by focusing on yourself. Pure love and light blog is about focusing on the positive regardless of how chaotic everything around you may seem.

This community will consist of experiences, products and activities that encourage self love, inspire positive relationships/marriage and fun learning opportunities to build, happy and healthy connected families through adversity.

The real secret to surviving motherhood like a pro will require that you join this empowering community and join me in creating influence outside of your home and having an positive impact in the world.

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