5 Quick tips How To Be A Mindful Parent

“The best way to make children good is to make them happy.”

-Oscar Wilde

Mindful Parenting is a major goal in my motherhood journey. Sometimes its easy to get carried away with the stress of life and take it out on your minis. Taking time to be present and mindful in the thoughts that You are giving energy to, also affects how you discipline. Kids have feelings too and they’re discovering new feelings, exploring new things, growing and learning the world around them, they’re stressed too!

Focusing on being mindful of your reaction to them is key!

Shifting your mood while you’re parenting can be challenging but showing your kids healthy positive reactions will help shape your babies‘ emotional intelligence.

Allowing your kids to express themselves by including them in whatever you are caught up in, allows their motor skills and sensory skills to develop faster than the kids who are not being engaged. Patience will be the main ingredient.

Positive discipline, routine and spending quality time can make a huge difference in how your kids feel. Less trantrums, less mess, less tears? yes please!

  • Use words of affirmation
  • Make all efforts to spend quality time
  • Validate their feelings
  • Hug your child every day
  • Be consistent

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