The secret to potty training a boy before the age of 2!

We have finally succeeded potty training this boy before the age of 2! Brother thrives on routine and is really confident in himself. He started communicating with us saying some words at 16 months, instead of whining and grunting. I encouraged my son to communicate more by repeating while pointing at everything. Using a normal voice and actual names of objects encouraged him a lot too. At 18 months old He is now saying 100+ words. I decided it was time! He was showing signs of discomfort with his diapers and would try and take them off. Trying to lay him down to get his butt changed was a 2 minute wrestling match, I WAS DONE. Studies show that 18 months of age is TOO early and won’t be fully potty trained until the age of 4. No way Jose. Follow @rootedinroutine on IG for some great potty training tips & tips on structuring routines for your babies. I’m really loving her page!


Since becoming a mom, I’ve always wanted to try all the cool, healthy things you hear about motherhood. Breastfeeding, check!..making your own baby food, check!..cloth diapering, you know, the cool hard stuff. I mean, MOM-ing’ is hard period. This is just you putting extra effort and intention in to it. He’s a smart little man! I’m so proud! Momma cant have this big man running around in a diaper, so here we go! This post contains some affiliate links to support this blog and keep it running. This is of course at no cost to you and I only share products I use and absolutely love!

What I did first was transition him over to cloth diapers. We absolutely loved this Wagreeco brand! First of all, how cute are the prints! Second, they are “grow with your baby”. They have the adjustable buttons so you can fit it to your baby’s size. It has super soft inner suede. The elastic is gentle on him and the inserts are bamboo! They’re ultra absorbent and maintain dryness!

When I tell you brother was so much happier with these. Its so funny. His attitude changed, he was glad to be getting a dry fresh cloth diaper. You know how much babies enjoying running around with no pants, this made him so much cuter to be running around pant less. Don’t judge me, but i am not a fan of regular diapers running around.

Not to say, there is no more mess, trust me, there is. The most important things for YOU to remember are as follows:

  • You have to stay consistent with your child & keep the potty near by.
  • Pay attention to when you give them liquids!
  • Communicate clearly! Show excitement when they show interest and progress!

Also, to my fur mommas, they have these for your dogs! I don’t remember much from potty traininig my puppies years ago, but I know we have a female pitbull in the family who uses diapers for her cycle once a month, how cute, right?

Now it’s been almost 2 months since we made the switch to the cloth diapers. He is now able to tell me when he is wet! I have also incorporated pull-ups. I’m still deciding on a fav. brand. This teaches him to pull his pants up and down and he learns that’s the big boy way. Now he is able to tell me when he has to go pee-pee and his pull up stays dry! We are still working on #2 but we’re taking this slow. I believe in him and he’s so proud! Set your baby up for success, encourage their leaps and jump out of your comfort zone. Washing the Wagreeco diapers was a lot easier than the 2 minute wrestling match and stinky diapers piling up. I have found it easier to do the cloth diaper after he’s already went #2 for that time of the day. Way less mess.Your future self will thank you!

He has now successfully went pee-pee in his potty 5 times! He will be 2 in March and my goal is to find more ways to help him develop his growth in a healthy and happy way. Stay tuned as I share our journey.

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