Kush And Cocktails

Special cocktails curated by @smedevents

Nashville’s first Kush And cocktails event which took place in October 2020 was a huge success in my opinion. The vibe was incredible. Social Distancing precautions were enforced so it was small and intimate which was perfect. However, there is no doubt in my mind that if 2020 wasn’t so restrictive it would have been LIT LIT!

CBD Infused Vegan dinner by TOO FRESH NASH was beyond my expectations! Everything was flavorful & delicious. It definitely left us wanting more! Follow them on Instagram!

Smoking CBD Joints + 3 course meal & drinks by @smedevents bartender was a whole vibe! All infused with CBD & cute little gifts from TN HEMP PHARMACY. Huge shoutout to everyone and their growing business! You definitely could feel the good vibes and it was appreciated! Idk when life is going to get back to normal but this is definitely worth it to attend in the future!

Cheers to Life In The City and re-connecting with friends! Self-made entrepreneurs in Nashville! You all inspire me & im so proud to say we still keep in touch and support each other via social networks! I can only pray we can continue to connect and grow in the community! Women empowering women is a way of life and we are more powerful when we empower each other!Nothing but Love.

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