5 Budget friendly Spa Party Essentials

Currently living in our new “norm” has been a huge challenge constantly adjusting but we are finding joy in the little things. We are getting more and more creative and we are learning to appreciate quality time. Appreciate the short time spans in which you get to spend with your extended family. We absolutely love having a big family and interesting to see how creative families everywhere have been in visiting each other, getting together, celebrating birthdays! I think it may never be the same, but I have enjoyed finding our own creative way to celebrate my daughters 7 year old birthday!

Spa Party was our theme!

I’m loving it because she’s been watching ME doing more SELF CARE and I think she’s starting to notice how much more pleasant the mood is once you take care of yourself first. We know spa products, and services can be costly so, this is where you creativity comes in to play.

Photo by GaPeppy1 on Pexels.com

Choose yourself first, every day

Finding quality products to use for these self-care routines is an ongoing journey for me. I feel like my skin changes each season and I always have to switch it up. The main face wash that never lets me down is my main squeeze. The Aveeno posititively radiant.

I’m out now, so I want im doing my research. I just have to wait and see what my skin wants to do. You know what I mean?

Im really loving Beauty of Cafe 205 post about all things beauty and this one particular is my favorite https://beautyofcafe205.blog/2021/02/18/skin-care-wish-list-beautyofcafe205/

Self-love is one huge take away from this spa party! Giving yourself the nicer things is a feel good moment. The jade face roller is a must! It makes you feel so fancy. This was also on Beauty Cafe 205 list so I know we have the same taste! It’s a must read!

Finally, after a fresh face, apply on the make up!

Then you eat pizza, and junk food and dance all night. If that’s not fun, I do not know what is! It was the perfect birthday party for 2021! I’m not a huge make up fan but I am venturing out. I am most definitely open to learn more, because i love the confidence it gives you. I’m still super natural so even if I get out to Life In The City , you’ll see it’s a subtle perfection.

Confidence is a major essential and it comes from pure love. You have to love yourself first, make time for you. Do what you love. I am still looking for more ways to teach my daughter so I am always looking to expand. The time is now. This is it. We should strive to make the best choices and make them enjoyable. You don’t need big and super fancy show to feel this. 5 Budget friendly Spa party essentials is a piece of encouragement. This was extremely successful and definitely memorable. Now to think of more creative ways to celebrate more birthdays to come! Life should be celebrated every day. We celebrate each other and share the love.. Encouragement is the key to How to survive Motherhood Like A Pro! Join Us in growing and learning this every day journey

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

One thought on “5 Budget friendly Spa Party Essentials

  1. Self care is the thang! Taking care yourself everyday doing little things for yourself will make a HUGE difference spiritually, emotionally and physically as well☘

    Thank you so much for including my post link


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