The secret to potty training a boy before the age of 2!

We have finally succeeded potty training this boy before the age of 2! Brother thrives on routine and is really confident in himself. He started communicating with us saying some words at 16 months, instead of whining and grunting. I encouraged my son to communicate more by repeating while pointing at everything. Using a normalContinue reading “The secret to potty training a boy before the age of 2!”

5 Quick tips How To Be A Mindful Parent

“The best way to make children good is to make them happy.” -Oscar Wilde Mindful Parenting is a major goal in my motherhood journey. Sometimes its easy to get carried away with the stress of life and take it out on your minis. Taking time to be present and mindful in the thoughts that YouContinue reading “5 Quick tips How To Be A Mindful Parent”

How to survive Motherhood Like A Pro

Reclaim your identity! You’re more than “mami, mom, momma, mommy” Not to mention, more than a wife, sister, friend, boss, don’t forget your uniqueness!Do you ever feel like motherhood is an extreme sport? Well, that’s because it absolutely is! It’s exhausting! This means you need to be conditioning year round! Not lifting heavy weights orContinue reading “How to survive Motherhood Like A Pro”