What do you like doing when you need to re-charge? Does that word exist in your vocab? Allow yourself to stop and relax.

Re-Set, Re-Fresh, Re-Align

You deserve self-care. There is many different ways you can give yourself a boost, when you have to pick yourself up and find the strength to carry on. Self-Love is the key to a happier state of mind, it feeds your mental, spiritual and emotional health. Taking action and giving your SELF love, will change your life. You can start small, and gradually build up to more and more acts of love for yourself. Self love will heal you, empower you, restore you. For me, my excuse has been Motherhood, I’m like ” the kids this, and that, blah, blah” .. blame it on the kids, right?

I had to really self-reflect and think, am I really managing my time so horribly that I have zero time to myself?

One moment please! How I haven’t gone crazy in the middle of a pandemic and virtual school and teething babies, potty training, learning budgets, adjusting to staying home, one answer, SELF-CARE. Since I was young, I told myself I would live whole heartedly. Basically, I wanted to give my all to everything I did. I still do, but the smarter way. Anyway, what does that leave me if im giving my all to everything and everyone around me. I was burnt out! I started feeling unhappy, and depressed on top of postpartum depression and work related stress.Phew! Strength grows in the moments you think you can’t go on and you keep going anyway. My daughter’s name means “God is my strength” & I always lean on that. My faith is another subject where I’m still growing and learning. My faith and my Self love have become a priority when it comes to my Self-Care routines.

Choose to be in the NOW, be intentional with your daily tasks. Start small in your self-care acts. Recently, I’ve been feeling like slave to the dishes and kitchen labor period. So I had to shift focus and think, ” I’m so grateful we have such nice dishes and pots and pans to use” , “I’m so thankful for this huge kitchen i get to clean after cooking our delicious and healthy food”. I also started “dressing up” I have a favorite cooking Apron sewn by Mimi herself, which I love. Does that make me old? Does anyone wear aprons anymore? No, just me? Well, you should. It makes me feel somewhat cute and my shirt is still dry after all the dishes are cleaned. I don’t feel soaked in dirty water.

I ended up buying glam gloves. I am loving their designs and am having fun dressing up and being mindful with myself. My hands are taken care of, i can wear my ring! im loving this.

Another small self-love act was to get a planer, and stay on track, write down my goals, etc. It took about 10 days later to finally find the perfect one. My sweet friend and I will be on this faith and self-care journey together with our “Holy hustle planner.” We want to live with purpose and joy with the perfect mix of hard work and rest. Only a few days in but I am already loving the to-do list and encouraging bible verses. As listed, this planner will help you achieve the balance your heart and soul have been desiring.

How to survive Motherhood Like A Pro also explains the importance of connecting with those around you as part of self-care. I’m still growing but I plan on sharing the ways I have found that work for me in hopes of helping someone out there too! I want to be the energy I want to attract. I hope you will continue to follow me as we learn to raise our vibration together. My goal is to provide a daily dose of positive energy.

Let’s Hang Out when you get a free chance! Spread Good vibes. Think positively. Enjoy life.

“Be such a beautiful soul that people crave your vibes.”

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