Life In The City

Good ol’ Nashville. By some wonderful unknown reason we ended up here in Nashville, TN. My heart and soul belong here but deep down we are yearning to explore. I know the Universe will take us where we should be, when we should be. I still dream of getting Married( we totally eloped btw) at the Beach in Mexico and I dream about the clear water in Maldives. My soul is craving sunlight and warmth and calmness.

While I so patiently wait for the Universe to lead me there at the right time, I’m choosing to be the SUN. I’m gonna be the light. “I really just want to be the warm yellow light that pours all over everyone I love.” Not sure who quoted that but it really resonated with me and I’m so motivated by it. Viruses spread quickly but so does positive energy!

I am a magnet for miracles and I believe I can create an impact in my community.

I truly am a city girl but as time passes I’m starting to imagine us in the country somewhere just in the cut! Where you have to drive far out enough that you can use that time to reflect on how great life is and how far you have come, but close enough you don’t get tired. I just love that feeling!

This year we are manifesting our dream house and I’m going to be looking into different parts of the TN like never before. I want to connect and become more involved in the community. My goal is to truly engage and cultivate kindess, purpose, & confindence! Community is the foundation to success so my goal is to show as much support as I can with any means I have available. A lot of friends are starting business so I’m here to tell you about them!. You can also support me by sharing any posts and clicking any links with my Pure Love & Light Blog.

Behind A Successful Woman is a Tribe of other Successful Women who have her back.

Upon returning to Nashville, the happiest moment was remembering I get to spend my birthday with all my homies but due to a pandemic I had to carefully plan out my celebration. Husband told me to pamper myself so I got my make-up done & had an amazing time with my soul sisters for a day out in the city!

GLAM BY ; @creationsbychelle

My little brother’s birthday present to me was pretty awesome! It was of course a SMEDEVENTS creation. My first public outing of 2020 Kush And Cocktails. Since the passage of the Hemp Farming Act of 2018, all hemp products and products derived from hemp were legalized for sale, use, and possession at a federal level. CBD is now extremely popular in Nashville. This city has endured so much this year and I know it has been a “hot city” lately, but there is so much hidden beauty and talent and diversity which goes unnoticed. I’m going to take you places you always wonder about & shine some light on the overlooked parts of Life in the city. Exploring new locations and new brands and local businesses is what I’ve always wanted to do. Investing in myself while I grow and explore sounds like a dream!

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