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You always hear ..

Happy wife, happy life .. what about Husbands? Are they happy?

In my opinion Men are harder to please and they have different coping mechanisms for when times get hard. The depths of a struggling marriage are depleting and it’s easy to get lost on the long dark road of issues. Living in a day and age where divorce is trending, it’s easy to believe that’s the answer. My desire is to be transparent and show the reality of a successful marriage in 2021. There is no such thing as perfect marriage, only perfect love. God’s perfect love! I truly believe the prayers I have prayed over my husband have transformed and restored our marriage time and time again. My faith grows stronger as God continues to show us that HE is the center of our marriage. God continues to work through us and show us that Love isn’t just a feeling, it’s a commitment. A commitment to LOVE everyday. You made a vow to willingly recommit yourself to that ONE person. God has taken 2 completely different souls and he is molding and shaping us to become ONE for HIS purpose.

As much as I pray for my husband, I pray for myself too. I pray that God help me be a woman of virtue, of patience and Love. I pray that God take our marriage to new heights and extend our love for each other.

Quality time as husband & wife has been a difficult task for us being so far away from family. Only having each other to depend on was starting to get stressful because it felt like we were fighting for survival. Always being on opposite schedules so we could accommodate the kids really started to affect us. We could feel each other growing apart and feeling the stress was starting to negatively affect our mental health. We had to really sit down and analyze and make a life changing decision. As we continue to pray for answers and ask for God’s guidance in our marriage we continue to grow stronger.

One of greatest desires for me is to be the wife that always strives to be better each day. Now that we have our village we have been able to take spend more quality time doing this we love. We are also growing as individuals so it’s important for us to make our marriage a priority. My goal is to encourage women who may be needing a little reminder that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. May you always have love & laughter in your marriage. We want to inspire positive relationships and build healthy connected families.

Morning coffee dates are essential
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